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     Serving the Horticulture Industry Since 1899

SNA Past Presidents

Listed below are 116 industry members that have served as SNA President over the past 117 years (1899 - 2018). Their tenure on the SNA Board represents six years of service to the association and the industry with exception to N.W. Hale (1899 and 1900), Tom Dodd, Sr. (1942 and 1943), M.L. Harkey (1944 and 1945), and Bill Boyd (2006, 2012 and 2013). We would like to thank all of those whom have served for their leadership and wisdom that has helped this association survive for more than 100 years.

SNA... Serving the horticulture industry since 1899.

Meeting Place
2019Joseph NapoliGeorgiaBaltimore, MD
2018Norman Cole, IIIWest VirginiaBaltimore, MD
2017Dusty KnightAlabamaAthens, GA
2016Michael HobbsTennesseeAtlanta, GA
2015Richard May Florida Atlanta, GA
2014Jeffry O. HowellMississippiAtlanta, GA
2013 William J. "Bill" Boyd Tennessee Atlanta, GA
2012 William J. "Bill" Boyd Tennessee Mobile, AL
2011 Randy Bracy Louisiana Mobile, AL
2010 George Hackney Georgia Mobile, AL
2009 Eelco Tinga North Carolina Atlanta, GA
2008 Bill Turk Alabama Atlanta, GA
2007 D.E. "Skeetter" McCorkle Georgia Atlanta, GA
2006 William J. Boyd Tennessee Atlanta, GA
2005 Wayne K. Sawyer Virginia Atlanta, GA
2004 Daniel B. Batson Mississippi Atlanta, GA
2003 James A. "J." Guy South Carolina Atlanta, GA
2002 Frank M. Collier Tennessee Atlanta, GA
2001 Wilfred L. "Red" Robbins North Carolina Atlanta, GA
2000 Walter M. Imahara Louisiana Atlanta, GA
1999 William D. "Bill" Reese Florida Atlanta, GA
1998 James M. Zangger Oklahoma Atlanta, GA
1997 John C. Watkins Virginia Atlanta, GA
1996 William H. "Buzz" Barton Alabama Atlanta, GA
1995 Arthur A. "Buck" Jones Georgia Atlanta, GA
1994 Don O. Shadow Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1993 Larry D. Edwards North Carolina Atlanta, GA
1992 J. Fred Fisher, II Mississippi Atlanta, GA
1991 Robert A. Jenkins South Carolina Atlanta, GA
1990 Louis Hillenmeyer, III Kentucky Atlanta, GA
1989 C. Fletcher Flemer, III Virginia Atlanta, GA
1988 Frank B. Akin Louisiana Atlanta, GA
1987 Fount H. May, Sr. Florida Atlanta, GA
1986 Frank H. Colvett Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1985 Ronald W. Copeland North Carolina Atlanta, GA
1984 David Byers Alabama Atlanta, GA
1983 Richard J. Hackney Georgia Atlanta, GA
1982 Clinton J. Korfhage Kentucky Atlanta, GA
1981 Norman H. Cole, Jr. West Virginia Atlanta, GA
1980 Dennis V. McCloskey Louisiana Atlanta, GA
1979 William J. Park South Carolina Atlanta, GA
1978 A.D. Cartwright, Jr. Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1977 David E. Laird, Jr. Virginia Atlanta, GA
1976 Billy Martinson Mississippi Atlanta, GA
1975 R.E. "Ed" Brown Florida Atlanta, GA
1974 Richard L. Ammon Kentucky Atlanta, GA
1973 Warren Redd North Carolina Atlanta, GA
1972 Bill Barton Alabama Atlanta, GA
1971 Cecil F. Hill Georgia Atlanta, GA
1970 Geddes Douglas Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1969 Arthur J. Lancaster, Jr. Virginia Atlanta, GA
1968 Sidney B. Meadows Alabama Atlanta, GA
1967 Dwight Cain South Carolina Atlanta, GA
1966 Robert H. Hillenmeyer Kentucky New Orleans, LA
1965 David E. Laird Virginia Norfolk, VA
1964 Ray Bass Mississippi Charlotte, NC
1963 James M. Patterson Georgia Mobile, AL
1962 Robert Boyd Tennessee Lexington, KY
1961 George M. Coulter North Carolina Memphis, TN
1960 Edwin G. Fraser Florida Atlanta, GA
1959 Hubert Nicholson Tennessee Jacksonville, FL
1958 Dan Reynolds North Carolina Richmond, VA
1957 Jack Aichele South Carolina Charleston, SC
1956 George Sawada Alabama Nashville, TN
1955 Hoskins Shadow Tennessee Asheville, NC
1954 Arthur N. Watson Florida Jacksonville, FL
1953 James A. Stubbs Georgia Atlanta, GA
1952 A.S. Gresham, Jr. Virginia Mobile, AL
1951 C. Elwood Stephens Florida Richmond, VA
1950 W.C. Daniels North Carolina Charleston, SC
1949 Charles N. Morse Tennessee Chattanooga, TN
1948 Donald Hastings, Sr. Georgia Huntsville, AL
1947 Henry Homer Chase Alabama Atlanta, GA
1946 Henry N. Boyd Tennessee Greensboro, NC
1945 M.L. Harkey North Carolina Atlanta, GA
1944 M.L. Harkey North Carolina Convention Suspended
1943 Tom Dodd, Sr. Alabama Atlanta, GA
1942 Tom Dodd, Sr. Alabama Convention Suspended
1941 W.W. Hillenmeyer, Jr. Kentucky Lexington, KY
1940 J.B. Wight Georgia Charlotte, NC
1939 J.Y. Killian North Carolina Huntsville, AL
1938 C.M. Smith Georgia Atlanta, GA
1937 Richard H. Jones Tennessee Nashville, TN
1936 E.E. Chattin Tennessee Miami, FL
1935 W.L. Monroe Georgia Atlanta, GA
1934 L.M. Jones Virginia Asheville, NC
1933 Owen G. Wood Virginia Jacksonville, Beach, FL
1932 C.R. Stephens Florida Chattanooga, TN
1931 J.S. Wight Georgia Huntsville, AL
1930 S.R. Howell Tennessee Norfolk, VA
1929 Norman Nicholson Tennessee Birmingham, AL
1928 C.T. Smith Georgia Memphis, TN
1927 John Fraser, Jr. Alabama Jacksonville, FL
1926 Lee McClain Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1925 J.G. Bailie Georgia Knoxville, TN
1924 W.W. Hillenmeyer Kentucky Greensboro, NC
1923 O. Joe Howard North Carolina Atlanta, GA
1922 C.A. Simpson Florida Lexington, KY
1921 Paul C. Lindley North Carolina Chattanooga, TN
1920 S.W. Crowell Mississippi Charleston, SC
1919 H.C. Caldwell Georgia Atlanta, GA
1918 O.W. Fraser Alabama Birmingham, AL
1917 Harry Nicholson Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1916 A.I. Smith Tennessee Atlanta, GA
1915 R.C. Simpson Florida Hendersonville, NC
1914 H.M. Templeton, Sr. Tennessee Signal Mountain, TN
1913 O. Joe Howard North Carolina Monteagle, TN
1912 E.W. Chattin Tennessee Augusta, GA
1911 W.A. Easterly Tennessee Greensboro, NC
1910 R.C. Berckmans Georgia Knoxville, TN
1909 H.B. Chase Alabama Huntsville, AL
1908 C.T. Smith Georgia Atlanta, GA
1907 J.A. Young North Carolina Richmond, VA
1906 Orlando Harrison Maryland Lookout Mountain, TN
1905 C.T. Smith Georgia Norfolk, VA
1904 J.C. Hale Tennessee Asheville, NC
1903 G.H. Miller Georgia Winchester, TN
1902 J. Van Lindley North Carolina Charleston, SC
1901 W.T. Hood Virginia Asheville, TN
1900 N.W. Hale Tennessee Lithia Springs, GA
1899 N.W. Hale Tennessee Chattanooga, TN

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